December 2008!

Here we are in December, the magical Christmas month. Letīs hope it is a good one for all, that the crisis will soon be over, that there will be peace around the world- I know it is wishful thinking!! Iīm sure everyone wants the same thing and not only at Christmas but every day of every month.Never give up hope.
Well, on a more festive note,just to remind you of the Christmas Party. It is on the Tuesday the 23rd of December. The magician "MAGO LUJAR" is starting at 8.30 pm and then Santa Claus will be arriving in his sleigh with Mummy Claus (Wow!!!) bringing loads of presis for the children. (If you are bringing a child, please provide a presi with the childīs name on it).
On Wednesday 24th of December we will be having a little Carol Concert, everybody is invited to join in.
On 25th of December we will be closed so that the staff can also enjoy the festivities.


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