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This is a new page with funny little stories of things happening, things to do with the bar and our guests.Amazing things like the locket story or about finding lost friends......

From Con Murphy

RTE Sports presenter, producer and all about him, clicking on the photo!

I was in the Molly Malone with my mum and Dad, Brian and Pat, my aunt Olive, and a few of my sisters in January a few years ago. Olive had emigrated to America when she was 16 years of age over fifty years ago, and had settled there and still lives in New Jersey.

On the night in question, as the evening drew to a close, Olive was getting up to leave, and after a couple of Des's top quality vodkas inside her, she was working the room, saying goodnight to all and sundry. One lady, who wasn't a Molly Malone regular said goodnight to Olive, and Olive noticed that the woman had a slight Irish accent.
My aunt asked the lady where she came from in Ireland. The woman replied that she was originally from Drimnagh in Dublin but had since moved on to live in England. Olive replied that she too had come from Drimnagh before leaving for America.
It emerged that the woman´s maiden name was Marcie Hannigan -her now married name is Marcie O'Callaghan. Amazingly, the two women had been best friends as children in Drimnagh all those years ago, but as time passed by they had fallen out of touch.
Needless to say tears flowed, and a friendship was rekindled, all these years later.
The Molly Malone is well known as a venue to make new friends whenever you visit, and this tale proves that it's also a place to meet old friends too!

Phil Bloor

Below you can see Des with a great pal, Phil Bloor-fellow musician and drummer who played with Des many moons ago, in Pennar Park, Penbrokeshire, South Wales.
Phil was actually in a group called The Embassy Duo (from the Midlands) and Des was compère of the show there. A few years later, Des came over to Tenerife to work and so the pals lost touch.............
One lovely sunny afternoon about 4 years ago, Des got a phone call from the British Embassy in Santa Cruz to say that someone in the UK, was trying to find him.The Consul gave Des a phone number, Des dialed the number and........ it was Phil himself.

Lovely!. The reason Phil decided to find his friend, Des, was because, while on holiday in Ibiza, Phil met another Irish singer who knew of a "Des" who ran a bar in Tenerife. Could it be the same ould Desi?
It was like time stood still, yet 28 years had passed! Phil eventually came out to Tenerife to visit, with his lovely wife, Jean.
Sadly, Phil passed away after a long brave fight against cancer. God Bless. Keep drumming up in heaven!

The Locket

Quite a few years ago, we found a beautiful silver locket. You know the one, it opens up like a little book and you can insert a wee photo of your loved ones-perhaps these people were parents or grandparents- anyhow the pictures were in black and white.
So the next few evenings we tried to find the owner of the locket, to no avail.The locket was put into our "lost objects" box, just in case and for five years left dormant....
One lunchtime,while Des was on his own in the bar, waiting for deliveries, a couple came down and during the conversation it emerged that the lady´s sister had been down one evening about five years previous and´ve just guessed it............The locket went home!


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