January 2010

Well, here we are, in January of a very new year!

If you have any photos of yourselves during your visit to the Molly Malone and would like them included, please send them to us.
To stop the slide show, just hold mouse over the image. Right click if you want to copy the image.Enjoy!!
There are some great pix of Bill, the fireman´s birthday bash with Heather Patricia!!!!

(Frank, just trying out a different slideshow, let me know if you prefer this one or the other one. )

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Here is another slideshow of more magical moments at the Molly Malone!

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Last satuday,16th of January, we had a very special musical evening. There was so much going on....we had an unexpected visit from Manolo and Raquel, "TIHUYA CATS" from La Palma. They are part of a great rockabilly group.
Then we also heard Goyo with his Creedence Clearwater Revival, " The pale moon rising". Paco from Santa Cruz singing a medley of folk songs.There was Irish dancing with Dácil and Anna, then a great rendition of "The ould triangle" and loads more.

More pics coming soon

Here are some great pix of Brendan´s 23rd Birthday Bash!!! A few friends around, a huge CAKE and party all night!!!

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