Mamīs 90th Birthday Party

On Friday 26th September we celebrated Mamīs very special 90th birthday. She came over for a week from Ireland with Derek, to celebrate such a special day.She received loads of cards and presents from all our well-wishing guests.
There was also a creamy ice-cream cake, which we all managed to have a taste of!!.Delicious!!!
Mam also sang us a song. What a great age to be.!! 90 !! Mam is an absolutely marvellous lady,she regularly comes over every winter for a few months, to get away from the snow and cold.
She enjoys coming down the bar to join in with the music and craic. She often delights us with a song, so now we know where Des gets his talent from!! Nana,as everybody knows her by, loves the Canarian food and enjoys the winter festivities and Carnival.


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