Well, it�s CARNIVAL time again, doesn�t the year go quickly!!! Sorry for the delay in uploading pictures, what with school work and everything else. We put a lot of pictures into Facebook, here is the address Anyhow I will try and get up to date!


We will be closed from Friday 15th April for a few weeks well deserved break. Off to sunny England to see family. Thanks to everyone for making Molly Malone the greatest pub in the Universe!!!!!

ST. PATRICK�S DAY 17-3-2011.

St. Patrick�s Day. What an absolutely brilliant day and night we had yet again!! At lunch we had two huge,delicious "cauldrons " of stew made by the wee restaurant "Ana Mar�a"next to the cake shop. It was a full house with so many different nationalities.We had a great "music session" with Anne and Anna doing a reel and jig. We then closed at 4:30 to re-stock the fridges and opened at 8:00pm with people queuing down the road to get in!!!. It was definitely party �til you-me-all of us!!! drop. We had loads of great singers and musicians and dancers ready to join in the fun, Irish dancing and Spanish Sevillanas included.... Thanks to everyone who joined in, making it an unforgetable evening. C�ad Mile Failte!

DATES for December.

NEW YEAR�S EVE PARTY. Get that new dress for a great party to celebrate the New Year at the Moly Malone. If you want to reserve a table for the evening, call Anna on 655288059 or 922383421, otherwise just come in, out of the cold and drink to your heart�s content.

Our Christmas party is on Thursday 23rd December with our very own Special Magician Lujar (who could not come last year) Show starts at 8:15, please don�t be late. Then Santa Claus will arrive with Mummy Santa Claus and a big sackfull of presents!!! at about 9:30 pm. Any info call Anna on 655288059

Hurrah! I�ve put photos into September. Sorry it took so long. We are working on October and November. Watch this space!.

JAVIFullFX show.

On Friday 23rd of July Javi will be doing one of his DJ shows. He mixes all types of music from the 50�s up to modern day hip-hop with great style and rhythm. Friday at 10pm. Don�t miss it.......

Holiday dates.

We are having a wee break but we will be back in the swing on Wednesday 21st of July. See you then!

New Information link

I have uploaded a link to an interesting webpage on Ireland. Please go to our links page and click on the Irish Flag.

Departed Friends

This is our new page on the Photo Album page dedicated to all our dear friends who have passed away. We thought about it for a few months....somehow we want to remember the good times had with all these loyal Molly Maloners who always came back, time and time again, to enjoy the music and craic. It is a very sad time when a loved one is taken away from us...but I think it is so important to remember them and the love and joy they shared with us. At Molly Malone we are one big happy family. Thank you all for your friendship throughout these 24 years.If you have any comments or want to add something, please e-mail me at ""


St. Patrick�s Day. What a brilliant day and night we had!! At lunch we had two delicious "cauldrons " of stew made by the wee restaurant "Ana Mar�a"next to the cake shop. Pupils and teachers form the Official School of Languages came down to join in the fun and taste their first Irish stew. We had a great "music session", then closed at 4:30 to re-open at 8:00pm for a "heaven of a night". It was definitely party �til you-me-all of us!!! drop. We had loads of great singers and musicians and dancers ready to join in the fun. Thanks to everyone who joined in, making it an unforgetable evening. C�ad Mile Failte!

Welcome to Diego.

A warm Irish welcome to our new bar staff. His name is Diego and we have known him for many years. He speaks Spanish, German and English and soon he�ll be humming those lovely Irish tunes!

Good luck for Javi and Esmeralda.

Javi and Esmeralda are no longer working with us at the Molly Malone. Sad day really when Javi came to tell us. He was nervous, didn�t know how to break the news as he had been with us for a long time. He started work in the Molly Malone at least 10 years ago, helping Aaron and learning all the tricks of the trade.

Then Aaron left to pursue his career as a fully fledged electrician and so Javi became the "boss behind the bar". He has been a very professional worker, there is not a bad thing to say about him. He became one of the family, holding fort in the quiet months and working hard in the busy months. That�s when Esmeralda came in to help out too, a fun loving, bundle of energy, had everything done in a twinkling of an eye.......
Well to be brief, while Javi was working for us, he was multi tasking and he was studying a very interesting Industrial Machinary Course and also doing his love of mixing music....for Javi is a very special DJ. He has worked in Spain at important musical events and is currently doing gigs around the island. He is going back to Spain at the end of August...who knows maybe Miami next. Just remember when he is a famous DJ, you should have got his autograph!!! Anyhow, good luck to Javi and Esmeralda and thank you both for being part of the Molly Malone.

Click onthe link below to see Javi in action!

Javi as DJFullFx

Irish dancing lessons.

Anne Murphy is back in town!! Anne Murphy, founder of the Emerald Dancers in Germany, in back for a couple of months. We will be starting our Irish dancing lessons again on the 15th January 2010. 7:30 - 9pm on Friday evenings. Anybody can come down and join in, it is great fun and you�ll learn Irish set dances and line dancing. Only 5 EUR a session. Click on the link to see Anne and Anna doing a lovely dance.

Irish dancing by Anne Murphy and Anna

Anecdotes and other bits and pieces

We have a new page in the photo album section with anecdotes and other funny bits and pieces. If you have anything to add please e-mail us at:

The Molly Malone statue!!!!

Hi, everybody, great to be back. The fabulous bronze sculpture you see pictured in our main frame was placed in the harbour to honour the wives of the Puerto de la Cruz�s fishermen. It was sculptured by Julio Nieto and it was donated by the Lions Club. We thought it looked so much like the famous Molly Malone statue in Dublin, we thought you would like to see it. It is at the beginning of our street, down in the harbour. Don�t forget to get your picture and be careful of the octopus hanging in the basket!! Thanks for the comments in the guest book, keep them coming.!!


The Molly Malone - Calle Las Lonjas, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, S/C Tenerife - España
Telephone: (+34)922386164

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