Gala Night for Roger Diamond

We are very sad to tell you all that Roger died in his sleep on the 25th. July, after slipping into a coma, following his treatment of a very severe cancer. On Sunday 27th of July we had a very special evening fund-raising show, which was a huge success. All money raised on that night was given to his wife Julie to help her over these hard times, for Roger had been unable to work for quite a few weeks.We would like to thank so many people who made this gala possible.


Doors opened at 7pm and by 8pm there wasn´t a seat available. It was so amazing to see just how many people came in, just magic!!
There was a raffle with so many prizes donated, it took an hour to give them all out. Brian had his hair cut off, bless him and there was a "guess the cake´s weight". The delicious cake, which we ate at the end, weighed 5,100 kilos, and was made in the shape of a guitar.There was also a quiz, so there was plenty going on . Mark won the children´s pool competition,well done and the McGovern family from Edinburgh, won the General Knowledge Quiz! . The singers, who came up specially from the south, were superb, thank you all so much. (As soon as I get all your names I´ll write them in!!) The talent was quite unbelievable, all held together by Woody,compère by excellence.
Thank you to the bars in the South that kindly sent up loads of bottles and gifts for the raffle. Also we must mention the special prizes: Woody donated a DVD player, the"Jardin " restaurant gave a lunch for two, the Lemon Tree and the Robin Hood gave Sunday lunches for two,the Orchid Garden in Sitio Litre, here in Puerto, sent in two entrance tickets to see the lovely gardens, and Gillian, from the Zeppelin Bar, also sent in wine and spirits.The Lemon Tree ,the Robin Hood and the Orchid Garden brought down some really tasty snacks, sandwiches and sausage rolls.Thank you all very much indeed.Thank you to Beryl, Rod and the International bar for the huge hamper which was the first prize in the raffle, won by Brian and Madge Graham.
Everyone helped out and the gala was a great success.

The funeral was on Monday at 3pm at the Spanish Cemetery, hope you made it, though we know it was at very short notice. It was a lovely peaceful walk through the beautifully kept Spanish Cemetery, where there are always fresh flowers, bees humming and leaves gently moving in the breeze. Roger is buried high up in the left wall in a beautiful square, (over in the far left) that has three magnificent acacias with red flowers reaching for the sky. We said a little prayer and our goodbyes......

God Bless Roger. Musician and friend.

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